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Social, Emotional, and Bullying Behavior Survey

This new survey from International Survey Associates collects data and delivers reports that assess middle school students' bullying perceptions and problem behaviors that affect student management.

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  • The student behavior survey consists of 80 items covering topics including Social and Emotional Skills, Peer Relations/Bullying Behaviors, School Climate, and Substance Abuse.
  • The topics are domains made up of individual questions that have been researched for validity and reliability and stand up to rigorous statistical analysis.
  • Available in paper or online form.
  • Paper Questionnaires, bundled in units of 25, ship from International Survey Associates to a designated school coordinator. The Coordinator returns the completed student questionnaires using the pre-paid return UPS shipping label.
  • For the online questionnaires, the designated school coordinator receives a link to a secure password-protected webpage and distributes the information through school communication channels.
  • Click on the following links to download information about the SEBBS

  • For orders of up to 500 questionnaires, customers receive a PDF version of an Executive Summary and a detailed report (PDF) of the tables containing the frequency distribution data for each item.
  • Districts ordering surveys for multiple schools receive a printed Executive Summary for the district and Executive Summaries for each school that participated in the survey, as well as district and school level PDF reports containing tables of the frequency distribution data for each item.
  • Raw data is available for an additional $415 and comes as an SPSS and a tab-delimited file format.
  • Click on the image below to see a sample report.

  • Each order includes instructions for assuring student anonymity, a script for the proctor to read to students participating in the survey and a template for a parent notification letter.
  • We are available during regular business hours EST for technical support if you need assistance with the online survey process.
Report, Social Emotional and Bullying Behavior Survey
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a school participate in the Social, Emotional, and Bullying Behavior Survey?

With SEBBS, schools can discover underlying causes for unwanted conditions such as increased absenteeism, lower academic achievement and increases in substance abuse. Many schools can use the results to inform and align with the school's improvement plan and anti-bullying policies at both the school and state levels. Also, schools can use the data to apply for funding for anti-bullying programs as well as add value by defining and promoting the school's positive learning environment. Some schools will choose SEBBS as a pre and post assessment for bullying behavior prevention programming, e.g., Committee for Children’s Second Step program.

Who can participate?

The student behavior survey is appropriate for public, private, alternative, and charter schools with students in grades six, seven, eight, and nine. Often, district administrators will choose the survey for all schools in their district.

What will the district and school receive?

We require a minimum order of 200 student behavior surveys, with reports included in total cost. Each district school that surveys 20 or more students in a grade will receive PDF versions of an Executive Summary and a detailed report of tables containing the frequency distribution data for each item. Districts will also receive printed and PDF versions of the Executive Summary for the district and each school that participated in the survey, as well as district and school level PDF reports containing tables of the frequency distribution data for each item.

For districts ordering more than 500 surveys, ISA staff will discuss report options when the order is placed.

How long does it take to complete the student behavior survey?

It takes students 45 minutes or less to complete the student behavior survey.

When will the survey results be availabe?

Once we receive your completed paper surveys or all data has been collected online, we scan paper forms, analyze your data and return your confidential results within 2 weeks. For those eligible to receive a printed Executive Summary, we deliver these reports within 3-4 weeks.

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What is the cost of the survey?

The student behavior survey is priced at $2.55/survey for paper, and $2.15/survey for online. That price includes shipping to and from the school, administration instructions, parent notification templates, and the reports including the executive summary.

How are the surveys administered?

Customers can choose either the online survey or a paper-and-pencil form. Districts purchasing for multiple schools use only one option for all schools.

Do you track individual student's answers?

No. The student behavior survey is voluntary; individual responses are completely anonymous. Students are instructed to refrain from writing any identifying information on their survey.

Do we need parent consent for students to complete the survey?

Check your school policy but most schools have a passive consent policy that alerts parents about the survey and allows parents to opt-out for their child. We have both active and passive parent notification templates, which are provided with your order. Please let us know if you are in an active consent region so we can send you the proper forms. Additionally, the proctor script contains verbiage explaining to students that they can voluntarily opt out of the survey.

How do we know students are telling the truth?

Research has demonstrated that students are honest when they believe a survey is truly anonymous. The ISA survey administration procedures, whether paper or online forms are used, ensure a high level of anonymity. Also, our data cleaning procedures are programmed to eliminate discrepant or suspicious responses.

Is the survey tested?

Yes. The student behavior survey has been tested and has gone through rigorous analysis to ensure that the questions we ask are valid. If you would like the specific results from our item factor analysis, please contact us.

Why can't I just use Survey Monkey™ or other online platforms to collect this data from my students?

Unlike a "build your own" platform such as Survey Monkey™, ISA surveys are valid and include a rich report that is backed by research and detailed analysis. Education research professionals developed and tested the instruments to ensure compliance with psychometric properties and practices. All items have been assessed for age-level appropriateness and readability.

How do I order the SEBBS for my school or district?

Student behavior surveys can be ordered at our website,
Pride Surveys. or by calling 800.279.6361 Please contact us us with any additional questions or concerns you might have.

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